DXN Start Seminar, Budapest 9th February 2013.



DXN Online Networking Seminar Budapest, 6th April 2013.



Instead of business presentation


My speech at the DXN ITSI 2013

My speech at the 20th anniversary of DXN

10 practical tips for your success

Louis van Gaal’s presentation about management

How to use the recreational equipments of the DXN playground in order to reach the greatest enjoyment

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2 Responses to Trainings

  1. Dear Great leader you are a one of the best example for upcoming new business partners and we are really learning a lot from you.
    Thanks all the best and Good Morning DXN 🙂

  2. Stanislava Datseva says:

    Thank you for being so honest and generous in sharing your experience! The training is so valuable, that every time I recommend it to a downline, I personally watch it over and over again for a re-charge!

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