DXN Presentation tour in Spain

One of my favourite places in the world is Spain. So besides that it was an honour to be invited, it was also a great pleasure to visit this beautiful country. In addition to the prettiness of Spain, networkers here are determined and passionate about DXN. So it is really not a suprise that the business is booming and the network is developing fast.

This was my first time in Spain as a speaker of a presentation tour. I had to prepare two type of training programs. One type for Murcia and Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to give a day-long training for the attendees. This consisted of 6 modules and the training started in the morning and started until early evening. Together with the breaks, it was 9 hours long at both places, so both really was an informative and effective day, where I could share a lot of my experience and the way I am doing DXN business. The other type was a bit shorter and a little more compact and brief, but I tried my best to include all the essential knowledge about DXN, which is a must to know. This type of training took 3 and a half hours with breaks and the two cities,where I had the chance to present this were Madrid and Sevilla. Everywhere I had a warm and heartfelt welcome. People were very kind and enthusiastic and very much interested in my presentations.

I hope I managed to contribute to the further success of DXN in Spain and I think I will see a rapid further growth in the market based on how I see and got know local leaders.

I would like to express my special thanks to Papp Andrea, who accompanied me throughout my tour and she was also my great translator. Also I would like to thank for all the staff of DXN Spain, who organised the events, my trips and everything about my tour. They did a great job.

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