DXN Bulgaria 4. Anniversary

The next day after the anniversary in Greece I had the honour to join the 4th anniversary of DXN Bulgaria. It one of hte most pleasant ‘duties’ of a business builders to take part in such celebrations and to experience the outcome of the hard work invested to networking. It is a good thing to see a country growing and having anniversaries year after year with the pioneer leaders present and always new faces in the crowd.

The event started with a welcome speech from the country manager, Dimitrina Kamenova. The main speakers were Mr. Jijith and Dr. Rajesh Savera, but also I had the opportunity to give a short speech to participants. Besides me a short speech was also givne by my direct downline, the first greek DXN business builder Pavlos Chatzigiannis, who is the upline of
most of the network in Bulgaria.

Atmosphere was great throughout the whole day. A nice hotel in the heart of Sofia gave home to the anniversary. As usual the anniversary cake was ready to be cut after the presentations. The cake was delicious. Later the speakers and the all the guests had the opportunity to dance and enjoy the night.

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